Welcome to Supernatural Language Processing (SuperNLP)! Here we’ll blog about various topics central to NLP and machine learning, with a focus on representation learning, interpretability, cross-lingual methods, and much more. We’ll also attempt to provide coverage of conferences/workshops we’ve attended and give sneak peaks into research projects we’re working on. Feel free to tweet or email us if you have any questions about the blog!



Vinit Ravishankar

PhD student at the University of Oslo (starting Dec. 2018). Works on interpretability in a multilingual context.

Artur Kulmizev

PhD candidate at Uppsala University. Works on multilingual NLP and Universal Dependencies.

Rahul Aralikatte

PhD candidate at the University of Copenhagen (CoASTaL NLP).

Daniel Hershcovich

Post-doctoral fellow at the University of Copenhagen (CoASTaL NLP).